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For DIRECTIONS to our location, click "here!" Friendly Village Firearms (FVF)is located in the "friendly village" of Harrison, Maine!

I've accepted the firearm below on consignment to sell for an 87 year old Army veteran neighbor. It's never been fired. Honest. He was holed up for the better part of two years because of the pandemic and never got to the range to shoot it.
It's a Heritage, Rough Rider, Don't Tread On Me, Model RR22BR Silver DTOM, .22LR, Six rounds, 4-3/4" barrel. It comes with a holster and belt. $350.00 for all that or best offer. Transfer fee $30.00 more. No cost for your backgound check.

Nowadays, FVF is mostly ONLY doing firearm transfers. Please contact me first before sending any firearm(s) to me.
FVF charges $30.00 to transfer a firearm.
I'm attempting to "gather" some ammo. At the moment, there is next to nothing on the ammo shelf. 9mm is slowly becoming available and .22 is "around". Occasionally, I find some "decent" 30-30 and 30-06 and, other than 12 ga. which is plentiful, hard-to-find 20 gauge and 410 shells. However, give me a shout and, if I'm out of what you're looking for, I will refer you to another dealer in the area who may have some of what you're looking for.

You can pay more elsewhere!

Friendly Village Firearms owner/operator Brian Spaulding is a formerly Certified USCCA Instructor. When USCCA first started up, he was one of only two in Maine. Although Brian no longer has classes, if you or someone you know needs some training or re-training, he will provide some "limited scope" assistance. Just give him a jingle. Finally, Brian is a NRA Life member, a USCCA member, a member of the Western Maine Fish and Game Club in Harrison and a 24-year US Navy vet (mostly submarines). If interested in learning more about FVF, visit the About Us page.

Friendly Village Firearms adheres to all State and Federal laws regarding the transfer of firearms to eligible people in the State of Maine.